pastors note

Pastor's Note

Comments from Rev. Larry J. Edmonds

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Happy Easter Christ is risen.
He is risen indeed!

Thank you for being faithful in your attendance and participation in the Lenten Sunday services. A big thank you to those who furnished soup and salad for us. Also, thank you to Annie Guertin, Ruth Eiffert, Esi Lagbo, Cathy Edmonds and Joy Lagbo for being group leaders during the discussion periods on the book "Who Moved My Pulpit?" As the song goes, "We've only just begun…." There were lots of "pulpits" moved during our study time and many more are yet to be moved. I believe the Holy Spirit was very evident in our worship and discussion times. So, what is next? Well, there will be a meeting on Sunday, April 8 at 5:30 p.m. to begin planning and visioning. We will have deli sandwiches and chips for our meal because we really want to get into this phase. Bring your ideas and thoughts about how to make our neighborhoods become more involved with us. Also, begin thinking about what we need to have as a vision statement, we already have a mission statement.

The spaghetti dinner was again successful for us. We cleared over $1,400 dollars. That is not something to sneeze about with the size of our congregation today. Please don't try to compare our success today to what the choir use to make on the dinners 15 and 20 years ago. Remember, many of the people who use to come and enjoy the dinner are no longer with us in many ways.

We averaged 18 people each night of Holy Week. The Good Friday Stations of the Cross was something radically different than having the usual Friday night service. This year over 32 people came and journeyed through the stations. Hopefully, we can improve on it and put an ad in the newspaper advertising it next year.

To God be the Glory,
Pastor Larry