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Pastor's Note

Comments from Rev. Larry J. Edmonds

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I no longer watch the Jeopardy game show but when I did one of my favorite categories was the one called Potpourri. The reason I liked that category was because it could contain an answer for any subject not just a particular subject like the other categories. So in this month's newsletter I want to share some potpourri information with you.

The first thing I want to do is to squash a rumor about Memorial church closing. When it comes time for Memorial church to close you, the members will make that decision. The conference, bishop, district, district superintendent or the pastor does not have the authority to close the church. The membership of the church holds the key to when to close. So if someone approaches you and says they hear that Memorial is closing, please advise them that the rumor is not true, and that is exactly what it is, a rumor. The next thing I want to share with you is that as of February 1, Sabrina VanFossen will no longer be the administrative assistant for the church. Sabrina is going full time with a part time job that she now is doing with her husband, Ted. I will personally miss Sabrina working in the church office, she has done a terrific job since she started here. The Staff-Parish Relations committee will be working on finding and hiring another assistant. Until that happens I might call upon some of you to be an "office angel" to help
answer the phone and help with the food closet.

At the January finance-admin council meeting, we voted to ask our sister congregations, St. Paul, Oaklette, Chesapeake Avenue, Aldersgate, and Portlock to see if they would be willing to have combined Holy Week services and Vacation Bible school. With only two children active in our church it is difficult to prepare and put on VBS for just two. I will keep you posted about this through the bulletin.

The Lenten season is fast approaching, we officially begin the season with a Shrove Tuesday pancake supper. Again, as in the past, the pancake supper will be hosted by the youth. Chef Kevin Nicholas will once again be cooking the pancakes. You will be asked to make a donation to help the youth attend the district retreat in Goshen. Ash Wednesday falls this year on February 14. We will have a service that night starting at 7 pm. For the past few years we have had Lenten soup and salad suppers on the Wednesday nights during Lent. This year we will take a different approach and have Lenten soup and salad luncheons on the Sundays in Lent. We will also study together a little book entitled, "Who Moved My Pulpit?" We will have a combined worship and study on Sunday mornings in the fellowship hall and during the meal time will be able to discuss the book in small groups.

A group of members have been in prayer about this for several months, I have led them in the study of the book and together we believe this is the direction we are being lead in by the Holy Spirit to help bring a renewed spirit and future for our congregation. In the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes, chapter three, it reads, "There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven." The prayer group, the finance-admin council and I believe that this is the time and the season for us to become involved in turning around our declining and become a healthy church again. In Isaiah 1:18, the prophet writes, "Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord."

One final potpourri, One of the first things you will hear coming from this book, "Who Moved My Pulpit?" is the author calling us to prayer. He writes, "Hear me clearly. I have never seen a successful and sustaining change take place in a church without prayer. Never. Not once." (p. 36, Who Move My Pulpit?). So, I invite you to come on Mondays and join us in prayer. If a group of you would rather come during the day and pray, I am willing to set that up as well. But please do not ignore Dr. Rainer's advice about praying. Looking forward to sharing this book study with you.

I hope my potpourri letter will help us to see that we have much to do in this part of 2018. Happy Valentine's Day.

In the spirit of Christ,
Pastor Larry