Pastor's Note

Pastor's Note
Pastor, Rev. David Jimenez

Dear MUMC Family,

Spring is coming and it seems that we are too! After several months of not hearing anything from the USCIS offices regarding my application and after some phone calls, this week finally the status of my case has changed. While an approval date has not been given yet–and an embassy/consulate is still pending–I am thankful that we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

During this last month my family and I enjoyed some wonderful "winter" period with some temperatures reaching into the 70's at some point. Moreover, we wanted for little Anna to experience some snow, so thankfully by the end of February on one night we experience enough snowfall to go out and enjoy some laughs and build a snowman (and yes if you are thinking of "Frozen" she has not seen it yet, even though her cousin's name is Elsa!). She loved it! You can look for some pictures at the end of this letter.

During this month also I was able to fill in for the pastor in the church that I am attending. Unfortunately he faced a family emergency back in the US and had to travel unexpectedly and I was able to jump in and fill in. Besides doing the preaching, I truly enjoy leading the Sunday Bible class, and I am excited to get one started at MUMC. I have seen many visitors changed through the class into developing a more intimate relationship with God. I know that it will be a great catalyst at MUMC.

Talking about catalysts, the Alpha program is getting started this month at MUMC on Wednesdays. This is an amazing program that makes easier bringing people to hear about the Good News while at the same time taking their doubts and questions seriously. So I encourage you to take part of this event and bring people as well, I know you will not be disappointed.

As we talk about hearing the Good News and waiting in God, I am reminded about the following story:

In a dream, God told a man to go outside and push against a huge boulder in his front yard. So every morning for the next few weeks, the man went outside and strained against the rock. He pushed and groaned and prodded and shoved, but the rock never budged. Finally, in a fit of exasperation the man fell to his knees and lifted his eyes to heaven. "What were you thinking, Lord? he cried, wiping sweat from his brow. "You told me to push this rock, and I've been pushing it for weeks, yet it has not moved an inch!" A voice from heaven rumbled among the clouds, then whispered in the man's ear. "I told you to push the stone," God said, "I didn't tell you to move it. I'm the only one who can move it, and when you're ready, I will. By the way, look at your hands." The man looked at his hands. They had grown callused and tough with the work, and his arms bulged with muscles. Though his efforts seemed fruitless, he had grown strong; and now he was beggining to grow wise.

It may seem that the efforts we do everyday go fruitless or that the events and activities that we offer don't produce any fruit, however at the end of it we are reminded that it is not us the ones who bring about change to our country, city, or community, but is the Lord our God that does it, yet in the meantime we grow stronger in our faith and wiser in our understanding of His timing and will. Only He knows what and when it is best, it is on us to trust Him and follow Him even if this requires pushing the same rock everyday. One day we will hear the good news that our efforts were not in vain and that He acted mightily. So be blessed Memorial Church as you act in faith and continually strive to trust and reach out to those in need of love and a Savior. Amen.